Cardano’s ADA Tops $3 for First Time as Smart Contracts Enter Test Mode

The Ada Token de Cardano increased more than 7% to a maximum of every day of more than $ 3, as the main developer of the project announced that the functionality of intelligent contracts was activated in a test network, which approaches a step closer Leading the competition with the lokchain of ethereum. The price of Ada increased as high as $ 3.09 before rising to about $ 2.94 on the press time. The graph of the last 24 hours shows Cartanos Ada Token arriving at all times over $ 3. (Messari). The last rally came as the main developer of IOHK, led by Charles Hoskinson, who had successfully the Cardano Test Network. Implement the ability of intelligent contracts and that the approach now the “Alonzo” update of the main network will refuge, still on the track “said on September 12. Cardano is the third largest Cryptomonance on the cover market ($ 93700000000), behind Bitcoin ($ 934 billion) and etherum ether ($ 439 billion). The burned ADA caused by 1.583% this year, compared to 69% for Bitcoin and 417% for ether.
Cardano is considered one of the so-called “murderers of ethereal killers,” fast and programmable blocks of blocks that can eventually disappear as the leader in decentralizing finance (DEPI), as well as in other cases of use, such as non-relied signs , or NFT. The signs of a group of entrants from ethereum, who include polkadot, solana and terra platforms, view triple-digit price profits last month, since ethereum seems to solve problems with congestion and high rates on their network.
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Implementation test and network updates known as “fork” are widely regarded as significant milestones for developing a cryptocurrencia, as the block projects are slowly mature and add new features.