Rising fortunes

According to Skew’s data owned by Coinbase, FTX is the third largest cryptocurrency exchange on Bitcoin futures contracts, after Binance and Bybit.
In the Bitcoin spot market, FTX also gains market share over more well-known and established competitors such as Binance and Coinbase.
According to data from blockchain data company Kaiko, the amount of Bitcoin in FTX has increased by a percentage from 2.5% to 15.5% since November 2020, and the stock market known for derivative products has also turned many traders into the locomotive market. Indicates that you are attracting.
“FTX Global does not currently serve US traders, but the US subsidiary of the exchange is strengthening its marketing efforts, partnerships and regulatory relationships, which could pose a strong competitive threat to Coinbase.” Kaiko wrote in her weekly report on August 30th. Read more: $ 18 billion worth of FTX crypto exchange in a $ 900 million round of funding

In July, FTX entered the largest funding round in cryptocurrency history with a $ 900 million Series B round.
The scholarship still bears its name, spending $ 135 million on naming rights at the local Miami Heat Arena, defeating the popular $ 210 million esports team, and decorating the referee. I’m paying for it. Major league baseball with the FTX logo.
Binance is still the best in the global market, “Kaiko wrote in his report, but as we already know in the rapidly changing crypto industry, stock market dominance is not important.