About Ducatus

Founded in December 2016, Ducatus comes over as a Fintech corporation which is paving its way through to the modern age digital economy. With its headquarters based in Singapore, Ducatus Global takes care of all its operations and functions as the backbone of the Ducatus group worldwide. We further hold a globally dispersed management team that offers all the required managerial and professional support to our organization. Moreover, Centurion Global, based in the Cayman Islands, holds the production and distribution responsibility for Ducatus Coin globally via its vast Ducatus Network. Our offices based in Dubai and Europe manages our global affiliate businesses like franchise, merchant partnerships, health and property, along with various charity projects.

Our Vision

We work with a vision to make Ducatus Coin as world’s most popular crypto currency, whilst sharing the fruits of our knowledge, skills and technology to all the global members in the process. The same process is being carried away by all our knowledge experts via countless network channels around.

Our Mission

Our mission is to lead the Crypto currency revolution whilst changing the global economy. We further believe in inspiring people across the globe towards a better life with the use of digital money. This is being done in order to provide them all the desired financial independence with the profits they earned with Ducatus Coin.

Our values


Safety and security of our relevant data come as our top priority. With Ducatus Coin, we focus towards minimizing the risk of any kind of identity theft or fraud. Hence, our crypto currency technology is continually developing and tested to deliver full-fledged security to all of our users.


Unlike all the other conventional forms of exchange, our cryptocurrency transactions are developed and designed to be faster than their counterparts. Well, we must mention that the average Ducatus transaction time is only 60 seconds.


We further aim towards cutting all the unwanted costs and deliver a payment system that comes affordable to all our global members. So, we ensure lower transaction fees by eliminating any ‘Middle Man’.


Even if you don’t have a bank account, you can stay accessible to all the legitimate financial transactions. Our technical experts are further working towards making a financial ecosystem that offers an opportunity for each of our members to develop a financially secured future.


Cryptocurrency technology is generally based on a decentralized system which gives full ownership to all of its users. Here with Ducatus eWallet, we empower all our members with the same authority and ownership of their Ducatus crypto currency.


While using their Ducatus crypto currency, the members need not to worry about the geographical borders and extra fees as we work through with a borderless approach. We have ensured our global outreach to more than 160 countries and all our members enjoy borderless crypto currency transactions.

Ducatus Coin Ducatus Coin Ducatus Coin Ducatus

Ducatus Coin

How to get a Ducatus coin?

You simply have to download the Ducatus e-wallet and once done, you are all set to experience the benefits of this most talked about crypto currency across the globe. The e-wallet is safe from any unauthorized access and boasts the highly secured encryption in order to protect the user from any fraudulent activity.

You can also get the Ducatus Coin from a number of online exchanges. Just do your KYC and you are all set to trade with the most talked about Ducatus Coin.

Ducatus Coin

Ducatus Ducatus coin Ducatus Coin Ducatus

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